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  1. s ( n. ) [Hs ]
    អក្សរទី ១៩ តាមលំដាប់អក្ខរក្រមអង់គ្លេស
    (also.S) (pl.S's, s's) (pl. S's, the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet.)
    អក្សរទីដប់ ប្រាំបួន(១៩)តាមលំដាប់់អក្សរនៃភាសាអង់គ្លេស
  2. sabbatarian ( n. )
  3. sabbatarian (2) ( adj. )
  4. sabbath ( pron.n. ) [sxbEO ]
    (usu. the sabbath) the seventh day of the weed (Saturday), Christian day of week (Saturday), day of rest and religious worship, The Sabbath is Sunday for most Christians.
    Eg. it is Saturday for Jews and some groups of the Christian faith)
  5. sabbatical ( n. ) [sE'bxtIkl ]
    (of the Sabbath; designating a period of absence for study, rest or travel given at intervals.)
  6. sabbatical (2) ( adj. )
  7. sabby ( n. ) ['skxbI ]
    (covered with scabs, having many scabs, consisting of scabs.)
    អ្នកកើតរមាស់ (រោគស្បែក)
  8. saber sabre ( n. ) ['seIbE(r) ]
    (1. A heavy cavalry sword with a oneedged, slightly curved blade. 2. A light dueling or fencing sword having an arched guard covering the hand and a tapered flexible blade with a cutting edge on one side and on the tip.)
    ដាវ, សាប
  9. sable ( adj. ) ['seIbl ]
    (1. Color. Of a grayish yellowish brown. 2. Of the color black, as in heraldry or mourning. 3. Dark; somber. 4. Of the fur of the sable: a sable coat.)
  10. sable (2) ( n. ) ['seIbl ]
    (1. a.A carnivorous mammal (Martes zibellina) of northern Europe and Asia, having soft dark fur. b. The pelt or fur of this animal. c. The similar fur of other species of martens. 2. a. The color black, especially in heraldry. b. sables. Black garment

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