Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

About Tovnah Khmer Online Dictionaries (KOD)

KOD has three types of Khmer dictionary (Khmer-Khmer, Khmer-English, and English-Khmer). It has a full text search capability that allows you to search for words in the definition of the entire dictionaries.


  1. Full text search using word segmented data.
  2. Partial match of Chuon Nath word list using the RegExp Search.
  3. Prefix search for words that start with specific letters.
  4. Auto-suggestion of mispelled word with "Did you mean ___?"
  5. Auto Complete: as you type in the search box, it displays suggested words from the keywords.
  6. Contain other translations such as glossaries, Khmer proverb, and other topics with pictures.

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Dictionary Data

The original dictionary data came from the following sources:

  1. Khmer-Khmer Dictionary (Chuon Nath, 1967) Version 2 by Buddhist Institute of Cambodia
    - has 18,947 entries with 17,664 head words. (each word may have multiple entries/definitions). Total word count in the dictionary: 1,312,732. See top most frequently used words. (Download information)
  2. English-Khmer Dictionary : Babiloo Open Source Project
    - has 32,997 entries.
  3. Khmer-English Dictionary (Headley, 1997): SEAlang Library Khmer
    - captured 23,967 head word.
    - captured 33,543 sub-entries (word/phrase that contains the head word).
  4. Drupal Khmer Translation -- See Drupal
    - has 3,594 entries. (Browse >>)
  5. Joomla Khmer Translation -- See Joomla
    - has 918 entries. (Browse >>)
  6. English-Khmer Glossary -- Open Institute (Khmer Software Initiative)
    - has 2,581 entries. (Browse >>)
  7. Khmer Proverb and Translation -- សុភាសិត​ និង ពាក្យស្លោក (ខ្មែរ - អន្តរជាតិ) ដោយ​ គុជ ច័ន្ទលី
    - has 479 entries with a total of 1,437 proverbs and translations. (Browse >>)
    - converted the original text from Khmer legacy font to Unicode using Khmer Converter 1.5.
    - custom word segmentation using a dictionary-based algorithm to allow indexing for full text search.
  8. Khmer Proverb Translation by Khmer Institute (http://www.khmerinstitute.org)
    - has 300 entries. (Browse >>)
    - Khmer text was re-typed using Khmer Unicode for searching capabilities.
    - Notes: Primary authors: Sody Lay, Visna Sann, Vathany Say -- see authors' introduction for detail.
  9. Civil Code 2007 Glossary -- (215 entries) (Browse >>)
  10. Khmer Oldies Song Data -- Data mainly from Mietophoum production and other sources (3,191 entries), lyrics are segmented using dictionary-based maximum matching algorithm (Browse >>)