Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

Game: Khmer Hangman
Guest the word by entering the Khmer characters. Each box contain a series of inseparable characters (KCC). The blue border indicates what kind of character based on its position. A green border's box indicates that is completed. See more instruction below.
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To enter a character via keyboard, first select the input text near "Your guess:". Then enter a character from the keyboard. Only Khmer unicode characters are accepted. If character are not part of the word, it will be displayed in the "Letters Missed" area. You have 20 number of tries as indicates in the "Tries Left" area. If "0" tried left, you lose. If you guessed all of the letter prior to that, you win.

The following are tips to enter some of the unique characters:

  • The following vowel must be enter a one keystroke even they are two unicode characters: ុំ,ុះ,ាំ,ុះ,េះ,ោះ.
  • Subscript must be enter as two keystrokes. For example: To enter "្ស", first use "្" then "ស".
  • Each box contains a Khmer Character Cluster (KCC). It may be a single consonant or independent vowel or a series of characters. KCC is a series of inseparable characters. For example, the word "ស្នេហា" has 2 clusters: "ស្នេ" and "ហា".

Character position

The following are list of characters and its position in the box indicates by blue border.
  1. Each box will contain a onsonant or an independent vowel.
  2. Box with top bar will have on of the follow character:
    any diacritics except "ៈ" or vowel :   ាំ   ⁣ ⁣ិ  ⁣ ⁣ ី   ⁣ ⁣ ឹ   ⁣ ⁣ ឺ   ⁣ ៉   ⁣៊  ⁣ ⁣ ៍   ⁣ ័   ⁣ ៏   ⁣៎ ⁣
  3. These characters contain bottom position:
    any subscripts or   ុ   ុំ   ុ ះ   ូ   ួ
  4. These characters indicate by the left position:
    េ ⁣,េ ះ,ែ,ៃ,ោ,ោះ,ៅ,ើ,ឿ,ៀ
  5. These characters indicate the right position: